Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ah, the simple pleasures

Here you see our new washer and dryer!!!

It may seem a little silly, but I am quite excited to have laundry facilities again. We left our ancient washer and dryer in Albuquerque, intending to buy a new set when we got to Spokane. But then the house didn't sell, and we didn't have the cash to spend. So we've been going to the laundromat (a very nice one) for months.

Now the house has been sold, and we made a profit after all. So, we went for a front-loading washing machine -- very pricey, but it uses a lot less water and energy in the long run. We didn't get the matching dryer (also very pricey, but not worth the extra money), but we did get an extra large Speed Queen, supposedly very durable. Heck, I'm practically *thrilled* to be doing laundry these days!

In other news... most of you reading this know that I had a sledding accident and broke 4 small bones in my back. I am slowly recovering. Certainly, the pain has its ups and downs. I have to remember to rest, which is a hard thing for me to do. It would be easier if I could rest while sitting, but that's the most painful position for me. This is part of the reason that I haven't been blogging much so far!

Ross and Chris are building race cars for the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby. When they're done, I'll post pictures.

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