Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Earrings and quilts and trivia, oh my!

I taught my first class at the Corbin Art Center on Monday night -- an earring making class. I had 8 great students, most of them total beginners. I haven't taught in a while, but I had prepared pretty well and wasn't really nervous. It was great to watch the students work and come up with some neat designs. They all seemed very happy to walk out with some new earrings at the end of the evening!

It's so rewarding to teach. I know that everyone has lots of creative juices, and it's my job (and joy!) to get them flowing. The next class that I'll be teaching is on Saturday, a valentine class for preschoolers and their parents. Should be messy and fun!

It's going to be a busy weekend. I've got two pieces in "Raw Vision," an nonjuried art show sponsored by the Spokane Art School. I hung my pieces early, and there was already a lot of neat art there. I can't wait to see it all at the reception Friday night. I think there are going to be a lot of sales, which will be really exciting.

The first piece (pictured above -- click on the photos for a larger view) in the show is "Waves and Bubbles," a fabric weaving stretched over a 12" x 12" canvas. I created it for a Rainbow Artists' exhibit in Albuquerque last March. Doing the weaving was more challenging than I had anticipated, but I like the results. The other piece is a small (5" x 8") art quilt I made this fall, called "This Year's Leaves." The multicolored leaves feature some curtain lace that my realtor gave me in a big bag of leftover fabric. I had read about painting lace in Quilting Arts magazine, so I gave it a shot. The brownish leaves in the background and in the fringe are used dryer sheets that I painted with acrylic gel medium and Pearl-Ex powders. (I'd read about that as well, probably in Quilting Arts or Cloth Paper Scissors.)

In other news, Chris is back from his annual trek to Appleton, Wisconsin for the Lawrence University trivia contest. Our team came in 4th this year, a little disappointing, but I know they all had a great time. Ross, Chaplin, and I are very happy to have him home.

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