Friday, January 19, 2007

Gentlemen, start your engines!

Chris and Ross have finished their cars for the Cub Scouts' Pinewood Derby. They had to be weighed in on Wednesday night, and then the den leaders keep all the cars until racetime, which is Saturday morning.

Ross chose a modified wedge shape for his car. Chris helped him through all stages of construction, because he's just not ready to use power tools safely! The little round thing on the top front is a bead that we painted to look like the head of the driver, sort of like an Indy car. The graphics are decals we bought at Michaels. He calls his car "the Blue Hornet."

Chris worked very hard on his project, the "Edmund Fitzgerald." It is a close replica of the doomed lake freighter. I don't have a photo of it with wheels, because he had to add them at the very last minute, and had a lot of problems. The block of pine had a bad spot, and he broke off a small chunk of wood while he was adding a wheel. So, it's currently hot-glued together, but we think it'll go down the track on Saturday.

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