Sunday, January 21, 2007

Race Day

Saturday was the big day, the Pinewood Derby race for Ross's Cub Scout pack. It was a very well-run event. Volunteers kept things running smoothly, the track was rigged for electronic timing (down to the thousandth of a second!), and every car ran in all three lanes of the track. Each car had its slowest time thrown out, and the other two were averaged.

It was apparent early that Ross's car was pretty fast -- it smoked the other two cars in his first heat. We weren't sure how fast, though, until we found out that he'd made it to the second round of 15 cars. He was excited and a little nervous. "Blue Hornet" continued to run well, and it made it to the final round!

He was a little cocky by the end, and was a bit disappointed when his car took second place. But he was thrilled to get a patch and a great trophy.

Chris's boat, er, car, the "Edmund Fitzgerald," did much better than we thought it would. It made it down the track in one piece all three times, and posted the fastest times of anyone that day. The adults didn't win anything but bragging rights, and I think Chris was pleasantly shocked. I teased him that engineers shouldn't be allowed to compete in these things.


kevin said...

The race track is said
to never give up it's dead
when the race of January
comes loomin'
-see ya at Trivia

Anonymous said...

hey nice cars

Auntie Cathy said...

Wow, cool cars!!! Nice Job Ross and Chris. Congratulations!

Much Love