Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Adding quilt elements out of order

Tonight is the end of my four-part art quilting class. I haven't managed to finish my sample quilt, mostly because I've decided to do a lot more handwork (embroidery and beadwork) than I had originally planned. That's the usual scenario for my projects!

I did try to finish up the top of the quilt so that I could add the loops for hanging. It felt very weird to be working on that part, since I usually do the hanger last. Still, it was good to go out of order this time, because I got an idea to add some yarns to create more "weeds" and get some more texture in the piece. If you look at the close-up photo, you can see that I added green yarn to the loops and brown yarn as an additional framing element. The brown yarn also covers up my messy seams quite nicely.

I love the discovery process of working on a quilt. I never know what I'll need to do on a piece until I actually start putting it together. I usually have a plan sketched out or in my head, but I have to be flexible, because there is always the element of surprise.

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