Monday, February 12, 2007

cooking with Ross

We had a laid-back weekend. Watched some movies on our new tv, did a little shopping, did some work.

Ross worked on some of the requirements for his Wolf badge for Cub Scouts. He and I worked on the Cooking and Eating section. He was required to help prepare a family meal. We planned a supper of blueberry muffins, bacon, scrambled eggs, and apple slices (Ross loves eating "breakfast" at dinnertime). We made the muffins together, and he got practice cracking eggs and cooking them, with help from Chris at the stove. Ross was especially proud of the muffins and ate them with gusto!

Ross is starting to take more responsibility for himself and is discovering the rewards of helping out at home. He's been a very cheerful kid, as well. And, he's reading at a phenomenal level -- he's finished The Hobbit and is about three quarters of the way through The Fellowship of the Ring. I find it really inspiring to watch him grow!

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