Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Quilt progress and "bowl and pitcher" hike

Lots of stuff to post today, but not much time to do it!

I've been making progress on the latest small quilt. It's approximately 6" x 9". Here is a photo of it from last week, when I had just started to do the applique:

And here it is this morning, with most of the applique done, and some of the embroidery done:

I was originally going to use pink and green, but for a lot of reasons, I ended up using orange instead of pink. (I'll probably use that color scheme for something else.) This quilt is based on a garden I saw this summer at the University of New Mexico. It hadn't been cared for very well, but I saw these little marigolds popping up, self-seeded among the weeds. I like the thought of the flowers' perseverance, despite the obstacles to their growth.

I'm making this quilt as a sample for the students in my art quilting class at the Corbin Art Center. I try to illustrate some of the techniques that I'm talking about, plus they can watch my quilt progress along with their own. I find I am rushing more than I normally would, because class meets once a week! It forces me to work faster, and not deliberate so much, which is a good thing.

Chris, Ross, and I took advantage of the long weekend and the relatively mild weather to go on a short hike in Riverside State Park, which is in Spokane. We went to the popular "bowl and pitcher" area near the Spokane River (the rocks are supposed to look like those shapes, I guess). There's a small wooden suspension bridge over the river (which definitely sways -- not for the faint of heart!).

Once you cross, there are nice trails along the river, among lots of volcanic rock covered in moss, and wonderful trees. There were lots of people taking their dogs for a hike; Spokane is really a "dog town."

Ross really loves the moss and lichen and the trees here, which is so different from Albuquerque. Frankly, I feel more "at home" here, because I grew up with moss and lichen and big pine trees. The desert is a beautiful place, but it just didn't feel like "home." Plus, it's great to be near so much water! I love the river. After watching the poor Rio Grande dry up every year, it's positively invigorating to watch this river run.

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