Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fabric postcard experiments

In preparation for a workshop I'm going to teach this spring, I've been playing around with fabric postcards. This is my first completed postcard, which I've mailed off to my friend Debbie:

The postcard is 6" x 4", with stamps, candy wrapper, and Cracker Jack prize (the face is sort of like origami, with different faces appearing, depending on how you fold the paper). The little sailors come from a fabric that I've probably had for 18 years! (Yes, I am a packrat extraordinaire.)

I always have to beware when a project is advertised as "fast." The basic construction of the postcard doesn't take much time at all, since you're mostly just fusing stuff with your steam iron. But I tend to putz around a lot with design, and it took me forever to pick out which elements I wanted to put on this postcard and where I wanted them to go. Then, I hand embroidered and added seed beads, which takes even more time. I try not to be a perfectionist, but that streak still runs very deep in me.

The next few postcards will be faster, because I'm trying to make them without sewing a single stitch. I want to be able to teach people who don't sew that fabric is fun, not intimidating. I'm hoping that postcards give people a chance to play with fabric, find out how fun it is to create little pieces of art, and get hooked.

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