Sunday, May 6, 2007


Today we got up early and went downtown to watch our first Bloomsday run. Bloomsday is a 7.5 mile race that starts downtown, makes a loop to the west, and ends just before the Monroe St. bridge downtown. It is a big deal here -- approximately 50,000 people walk or run or wheelchair in it! Chris, Ross and I went to watch some of the participants cross the finish line. Many folks crossed the line holding hands (upraised in victory) with their friends; some people wear crazy wigs and costumes. We saw one person dressed as Raggedy Ann, with a big head like a sports mascot. (How can you see, never mind run, in that?) We also saw the Gonzaga ROTC cross the finish line in force. All had matching t-shirts, and one person ran with their squad banner.

With so many participants, plus all of the spectators, downtown was a bit of a zoo, but a pleasant one. Many runners headed for the food vendors after they cooled off, grabbing pizza, tacos, kettle corn, Hawaiian ice, you name it. (So much for their training regime.) We grabbed a Hawaiian ice and walked along the river toward campus. The masses of lilacs planted on the north side of the river are starting to bloom and smell like heaven, and the other blooming trees are showing off, too -- apples and cherries and dogwood and magnolias. Spokane is very pretty in the spring.

So, we are thinking about walking as a family in the next Bloomsday. I think we'll have to do some training!

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