Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Sometimes, you've got to take the leap

For the past couple of years, I've been wondering what it would be like to go to one of those art "events," such as Art& Soul or Art Unraveled. If you've never heard of these before, they're sort of like art camp or an art retreat -- you go for a long weekend, take art classes all day with other similarly obsessed people, share meals with them, do other artsy activities with them, etc. I know some folks that go to these events every year, and they relish every moment.

When we moved to Washington, I realized that Teesha Moore holds Artfest and Artfiberfest in Port Townsend, near Seattle -- a comfortable day's drive away. And, since Artfiberfest concentrates on the fiber arts, it seems to be a perfect fit for me. So, I've been thinking and thinking about going to AFF this October. When the list of classes came out, there were plenty of options to intrigue me. However, I was hesitant about the money. It's one thing to spend $20 or $30 here and there on art supplies, but this is a big commitment -- to get away by myself, to do something just for me. It seemed kind of selfish and indulgent to plan a long weekend like this.

Yet, I realized that I had to take this leap. I am getting more and more committed to my artwork, and I need the opportunity to meet others who are on this path and to learn from them. It's important that I explore the possibilities. I must be who I am -- I embrace all the good that is in my life and in my heart. Creativity, peace, and joy come into the world through each one of us, and I know that I must step up to my role and continue to grow as an artist and as a person.

I filled out the form, wrote the check, and got an envelope. Then I realized: what a boring envelope! I need to send a little love out with this registration! So, I jazzed it up.

It's a standard number 10 envelope, painted with Dye-na-Flow and Lumiere paints. I traced my right hand on the front of the envelope, and my left hand on the back. It obviously needed some fabric, since it was going to Artfiberfest, so I embroidered and painted the eye in the heart image, then ironed it on with fusible web.

Now the envelope was suitable for sending on its way!

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Lisa Gallup said...

Oh, you'll have SUCH a great time! I went to Art Unraveled a couple of years ago and learned sooo much! Have fun!! :)