Thursday, June 14, 2007

Finished collage

I started this collage thinking that it'd be a quickie, and that I'd be pasting it into my large journal in a couple of days. Well, I've worked on it in little bits of time, and ten days later, it's finally done.

The base is watercolor paper, covered with torn papers and then watercolor paint. The fabric hearts on the right are cut from a scrap of upholstery fabric and over-painted with watery blue paint. The lace is painted the same way. The sideways hearts on the left are stamped on. I carved a quick stamp out of foam (thanks to directions from Cloth Paper Scissors) and mixed up some super heavy gel medium with a gold Pearl-Ex powder. The stamping left interesting textures on the paper. The words are both written with marker and stamped on with paint: "We are connected always by love". I stitched some embroidery thread around the hearts, stitched on beads, and punched holes in the background to wind some metallic gold ribbon around the edges.

I did get into the "connections" aspect of this piece. Chris' grandmother used to wind her embroidery floss around whatever scrap paper she had around. Recently, I used up some of her floss, and found it was wound around an old church bulletin and a school newsletter. Too cool to waste, so I added the pieces to the collage. Then, I cut up a pair of Ross' old underwear (yes, you read that right!) on which to write the focal words. And finally, I used some of Chris' grandmother's old metal seed beads. So, you might say that this collage is connecting the generations of our family.

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