Saturday, June 16, 2007

I love Saturday morning!

The best Saturday mornings for me have no plans, no immediate agenda. I can get up, make coffee, look out the kitchen window at our backyard, and savor the moment of decision: what am I going to make this morning?

Today the sun was bright and the temperature cool, and I decided to have a quick bowl of cheerios with blueberries (one of my favorites), and then go draw a rose in our yard. Our rosebushes don't get a ton of sunshine, so they bloom a little later than others in the neighborhood. But oh, they are starting to show their glory now!

I chose a half-opened bud, because the fully-opened roses seemed so complicated!

When it came time to add colored pencil, I was disappointed in my selection of reds. There's a little bit of magenta in the rose, but I didn't have a pencil that even came close to magenta. I decided to work with what I had, paying close attention to the darker spots on the rose petals. The greens seemed a little closer to what I wanted. I'm no expert on color pencils, but I tried to add color in layers.

At the end, I held up my sketch next to the rose and thought, "Okay! Pretty good!" I've said for years that "I can't draw," but with time and attention, I can. Danny Gregory's books have been a big help and a blessing for me.

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bwh said...

Several of the questions were a bit problematic for me (paint a room?), but apparently I'm an echinacea -- perhaps leaning slightly toward canna. Who knew?