Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Journal mania

I've been getting more and more interested in working in my journals lately. I'm now keeping 3 different journals! One is quite large, where I do a lot of early morning drawings, plus quite a bit of writing and brainstorming and notetaking. I drew the mallow that's blooming in our backyard yesterday morning. It was quite chilly, but it was great to concentrate only on the plant for a few minutes. I've been starting to add some color to my black ink drawings; this one has colored pencil. (The colors aren't quite right, but that's okay with me.)

A smaller journal is by the bed. I've mostly drawn in it so far, but I suspect it'll be a good place to jot down those last-minute musings before I fall asleep.

I bought the third journal at Artfest, a local outdoor art show. The Library Ladies, as they call themselves, are 2 retired library workers from Montana. They salvage outdated books, cut off the bindings, then incorporate the covers and some of the pages into a spiralbound, blank journal. I bought the Junior Science Book of Trees.

It's going to be my primary outdoor journal -- with lots of tree drawings, I hope. Below is a photo of a drawing I did while waiting for Ross to get out of school. (The paper is actually white -- I took the photo on the wrong camera setting, I think.)

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