Monday, August 27, 2007

Cub Scout hike, more toe-mah-toes, collage paint

Ah ha! MORE tomatoes! The two yellow ones are pretty squishy -- we'll see if they pass the taste test. Thirteen tomatoes so far.... And no, Bradley, I am NOT going to cook them. My harvest is too little to waste them like that!

I was going to post photos of our Cub Scout pack hike, but I've run into technical problems. I stupidly forgot to bring my digital camera, so I used my cell phone camera. Lousy quality, but better than nothing. Well, I've spent almost an hour trying to email myself those photos from the phone, but no dice. I'm pretty sure it's a T-Mobile problem. I'll have to call customer service at some point to figure out what's going on.

In any event, the hike itself was fun, if maybe too challenging for some of us out-of-shape folks. We went to Dishman Hills, a wildlife reserve in Spokane Valley. Lots of pine forest and rocky ridges. One of the dads is into geocaching (a high-tech treasure hunt -- people hide "treasure," usually lidded containers with trinkets and some sort of log for finders to sign, and then post GPS coordinates on a website for other people to download and then search). He brought along his GPS unit and we searched for three "treasures" in the area. The group found two out of three, which was pretty good. We also hiked to the top of Eagle Ridge, a challenging climb but a stunning view in the end.

More collage work: I dabbed on some yellow Dye-Na-Flow paint in spots, let it dry, then brushed on some Golden Fluid Acrylics (transparent red iron oxide and transparent yellow iron oxide), mixing it, rubbing some of it off with a piece of watercolor paper, smudging a little with my finger. The piece now has a ruddy glow.

The photo is a little light, but you get the idea. The background is more unified by the colors. I think I'm going to do some drawing next, and/or stamping. Hmm ...


Anonymous said...

I like that look. I also liked the previous one with the white graffiti type paint on it too. tomatoes look great also

Anonymous said...

The hike sounds fun! Geocaching sounds cool. They do it here out in the cross-country ski area in Algonquin (Soo's west end) I have a GPS but have never tried it. I have trouble just finding my way around Chris's 40 without getting lost, LOL