Wednesday, August 29, 2007

DSL at last!

First, great news -- Chris installed DSL on our computer last night! We've finally decided to pay real money for a good internet connection. Now I won't be spending all day waiting for stuff to download and upload.

Added a little more to the collage last night. I used a technique that (I think) I read about in Cloth Paper Scissors. I tore up a paper doily, painted it with liquid acrylics, then applied the painted side to the collage, sort of stamping it with the lace. It didn't leave a well-defined lace print -- too many layers of paint already -- but I like how it looks more random than if I had blotted on paint with a brush or a rag.

And yes, we have more tomatoes -- three for dinner last night. I put the golf ball in the photo to give you an idea of relative size. Most of the tomatoes so far have been a little bigger than a golf ball, especially the Taxis. No jumbo tomatoes here, just lovely and tasty.

Today Ross and I are going to the beach at Lake Coeur d'Alene with school friends. Should be warm enough to swim, too. Gotta embrace summer while it's still here.

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