Tuesday, August 21, 2007

My first tomatoes of the season, and vacation photos

First, I am showing off my first tomatoes of the season!

It's late in the summer, but I didn't buy the plants until June, so it's great to have any tomatoes, period. The red ones are Oregon Spring. I also have two yellow tomato plants, called Taxi, but they're not quite ready yet. The green tomato in the first photo was sitting in the potting soil when we got home -- I guess it must have been knocked off the plant. It's ripening now.

I am something of a tomato snob. If I am only going to grow one vegetable, it's going to be tomatoes. Store-bought has nothing on home-grown.

Now, on to the vacation pics. We flew into Chicago on August 9th, and spent the next day visiting some of our friends who live in the area, as well as touring the Field Museum. Ross loved it; we could have spent two or three days in the museum, easily. (Chris thinks Ross will grow up to do something in the natural sciences, and after seeing his enthusiasm on this trip, I have to agree.) The obligatory photo: Ross and Chris in front of "Sue," the largest and most complete fossil of a T. Rex found to date.

We spent a lot of time looking at the dinosaur exhibits. Here, Ross is comparing his feet to the size of a dinosaur track.

Two heads are better than one!

Time flew by, and deep in the middle of the "Evolving Planet" exhibit, Chris looked at his watch and realized that it was time to leave. (The hell of Friday rush hour traffic was upon us.) I felt bad having to drag Ross through half of the exhibit, but we did slow down so that we could take a look at the hominids, including a reproduction of "Lucy's" fossil remains, and a reconstruction of what she might have looked like in life.

Well, I'll post some more details from our trip later. (Chris is going to order DSL for us, so uploading photos will become less time-consuming. Hurray!)

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