Saturday, August 4, 2007

New Hampshire visit

I'm posting some photos from our trip to New Hampshire and Massachusetts, where we visited family and friends for a few days at the end of July.

We visited my brother Greg and his family in Dracut, Mass. Ross had fun with his cousins -- especially Shaun, who had an alluring GameBoy to show him.

We visited the USS Albacore, an experimental submarine from the 1950s that is now a museum in Portsmouth, NH. Talk about tight quarters! Not for the claustrophobic. Ross and Chris checked out the periscope, and Ross took his turn at the wheel.

We got to go to the beach three times! I love the smell of the salt air, the sand between my toes, and the waves sucking at my ankles. Chris, the Midwestern landlubber, is not thrilled, but he indulges me. We made our usual trip to Ordione Point, just south of Portsmouth. It's a state park that has preserved the traditional rocky beach of New England. Not a place to sunbathe, but it is stunning in its own right. The tide was out all the way, so we had great luck finding lots of crabs. Chris even saw a tiny lobster!

Ross got the chance to use his uncle Greg's old BB gun for target practice at my parents' house. The gun has seen better days, but Ross figured out how to compensate for its weak trajectory, and hit the milk jug every time. My dad is overseeing his progress in this picture.

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