Thursday, August 23, 2007

Unrest and experimentation

Yesterday evening, I grabbed the camera and took pictures of my roses before the sun faded away. Most of the shots are blurry -- which is okay, because I can see using them as background images in the future. I thought this very full rose captured a grand moment of the lushness, and the end, of summer.


Do not adjust your screen. I've been fiddling with the fonts and colors in my blog format. And I put a photo behind my title at the top of the page. I want to liven things up a bit. Of course, they may be a little too lively. If anything gives you a headache, let me know! I can take constructive criticism.


I've been sort of restless lately. Summer vacation is almost over. The non-routine of the summer is almost at an end, and I'm not sure what my new routine will be. I've applied for a part-time job at a local museum; I think it could be a great fit, but the uncertainty has me antsy: Will they interview me? Will they offer it to me? What hours will it be? How will I commute? The wondering goes on, ad nauseum.

Ah, I fritter away the present as I obsess about a future that has not arrived!

I am not quite feeling grounded these days. It helps to spend some time on the chores that I've neglected -- I pulled some weeds this morning, which gave me a momentary feeling of accomplishment. But I guess I'm ready to move on to the next thing, whatever that will be, but it hasn't arrived yet. Or maybe it has arrived, but I haven't recognized it yet, since I am constantly wondering about that nebulous future.

Sometimes unrest gives me an opportunity. I feel freer to take chances, to experiment. If I am a bit unhinged from my moorings, I'm more willing to take risks. Does that make any sense?

Well. I've started a collage for my journal. I went hunting for interesting paper, and I found this stash of art magazine photos from one of Alma Stoller's zines. She includes lots of goodies in her publications, but I hadn't used any until now. The photos are of oil paintings, French, 19th century I'm guessing. Not my usual thing. I recently bought some Liquitex clear gesso, and thought that I could try the gesso over the glossy photos, then paint and or draw on top of the photos. Hmm.... So, here's my collaged background:

I'll probably try out some ideas in my journal before I actually put them on this background. I have some vague ideas, but we'll see what develops.

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