Friday, August 24, 2007

We're up to 9 tomatoes and counting; collage progress

I harvested 4 more tomatoes for dinner yesterday, including a "Taxi" yellow. I'm not sure it was entirely ripe; they seem to stay much firmer than the red ones. It was less acidic than the Oregon Spring tomatoes -- prettier rather than tastier, I'd say. I'll wait longer to harvest the next one, to see if they soften up more.

How have we been eating them, you ask? Simply cut up, with salt and pepper to taste, or in salad. Last night we put them on top of simple nachos, just black beans and cheese (and roasted garlic salsa for the adults). Yum!


I worked on my collage for a few minutes. I had thought of trying some more modern elements on top of those paintings, so I got out some titanium white paint, and "graffiti-ed" on them. "Voir des mesdames et mesdemoiselles" means (roughly) "to see some ladies and young ladies." My grasp of French is pretty thin these days, so I got out the old high school French-English dictionary. I liked some of the alternative definitions of "voir," so I included them in the collage, as well.

So now I'm thinking about doing a wash with a different color or two, maybe rubberstamping, maybe adding transparencies ... the ideas are pretty fluid at this point. We'll see what moves me when I work on it some more.


Ross was supposed to have his friend Christopher over for a playdate today, but Angela called and said that he's got a stomach bug, so no dice. Ross and I have agreed to head to Comstock pool for one last swim, since the outdoor city pools close for the summer today. It's supposed to be in the mid-80s, so it should be a comfortable afternoon for taking a dip.


Bradley said...

Hmmmm, this obsession with tomatoes is bordering on the unhealthy. ;)

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

It's unhealthy only for those odd individuals who think raw tomatoes are unnatural! We're going to reform you yet....