Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fabric charms

Remember the felt that I made back in July? Well, I'm slowly making it into fabric charms for an ArtFiberfest swap. This summer, I cut it into small squares and rectangles, and put an eyelet into each piece. Now I'm beading around the edges and adding embroidery or sequins.

The felt has a blue/purple side and a white or white/blue side. I'm trying to make both sides look good, since people may use them in jewelry or attaching to bookmarks (or whatever other great ideas they have!). The felt is thick enough that I can hide thread in it, so that helps.


Last night Chris and I went to the open house for Ross's gifted program. It was very impressive. The teachers all have a ton of experience with gifted students, and it was clear that they want to make this the best experience possible. Instead of accelerating the kids in academic subjects, they will get going more in depth with two topics.

The first semester will be point-of-view (What's my point of view? What are other people's points of view? How do I work with that knowledge?). The second semester will be a study of an Asian culture (I think Ross will be learning about Japan) -- art, food, music, etc. The whole program emphasizes going deep into a subject and learning higher thinking skills (analytical thinking, problem solving, and so on). It's going to be challenging. I hope it'll also be a real source of inspiration for Ross.


Anonymous said...

Those fabric charms are so beautiful and neat. I just love them.

Lisa Gallup said...

Your charms are beautiful, Judy! I can see them as jewelry, bookmarks, tags, gift adornments, all sorts of things! I haven't picked up a needle and thread in months! Seeing your charms makes me miss it.

Life on the Edge said...

I just love the colors of those charms. Do you make stuff to at a fancy craft show?

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Thanks for the compliments! I do occasionally make stuff to sell, but I've never made a serious go of it. I keep thinking I need to get a business license and set up an etsy shop, but I haven't found the time yet....

Life on the Edge said...

We are having a having a 'treasure market' at our school...Nine Mile Elementary on November 3rd. If you are interested, email me and I'll send you the information. we still have a few booth spots left.


Plain Jane said...

I REALLY like those felt charms! they are gorgeous.
You son's school focus is interesting. "point of view" hmmm. Will he learn things like tolerance for other's points of view? keep us informed. As for Asian Studies, that's fabulous! When I was in school (in California), we only never studied Asia, so when I lived in Seoul, Korea for 2.5 years, and enrolled in Univ of Maryland there, for my BA degree, I ended up majoring in Asian Studied because it was ALL so new and fascinating AND we got to travel to the places I studied.
So, now I'm an artist who knows about Asia. :-)