Sunday, September 23, 2007

First cross country meet

Ross is participating in the Spokane Youth Sports Association's cross country program this fall. Kids in grades one through three run a half-mile, the same distance that they have to run in physical education classes in school. All of the teams are boys and girls, and all grades.

Saturday was his first meet, in Holmberg Park in north Spokane. The course was a big loop around the park, up and down a fairly steep hill. Here he comes up the hill, with his coach (Chris Morlan) following with some encouragement.

Here he comes back down the hill (yeah gravity!):

Chugging into the finish line (his time was approximately 5 minutes 36 seconds):

This was the first time that he's run the half-mile that he did not stop and walk part of the course. A great accomplishment for him!

At the end, all the kids get participatory ribbons. Here he is with Turlon (sp.?), the coach's son who also goes to Jefferson Elementary:


Jojo said...

He looks like a natural runner!

Anonymous said...

Wow, Great Job Ross! You look wonderful running, great form. It looks like you had a lot of fun doing the XC run.

Auntie Cathy