Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Great news

  1. How appropriate -- the NY Times has an article about good wines for $10 or less!
  2. It's a lovely day in Spokane. I went to the Japanese garden in Manito Park for the first time in ages and sketched another Japanese lantern. It's going to be too cold to draw outdoors all too soon.
  3. Ross has been accepted into the gifted program (Tessera).

Chris and I are very happy about this, but also very apprehensive. He has trouble finishing his work on time now, so how's he going to handle having even more work? Tessera is one day a week. He'll get bussed from his elementary school to the Tessera site and spend the whole day there. Meanwhile, he'll still be responsible for whatever he misses in his regular classroom.

It'll be more work, but it could be a big motivator for him as well. Tessera will have more interesting and challenging lessons and activities. It could keep him from getting completely bored and frustrated with school. Frankly, if he doesn't go to Tessera, I don't know if he's going to give a damn about school in another year or two. There just aren't going to be a lot of incentives for him. (Chris and I remember our own school experiences all too well.)

The program is optional, so we could opt out if we think it's the best thing to do. We obviously have a lot of talking and thinking to do as a family. Chris and I also need to talk with his teacher to get her take on the situation. I think we're both leaning toward letting him do it, but we have to make sure he understands what's going to be expected of him.

PS: I haven't heard from the MAC folks yet about the job. I thought I would have heard by now, but hey, they are busy people, too. And honestly -- I won't be crushed if I don't get it. They may have already offered it to the other person, and are just waiting for their acceptance before they give me the news.


Jojo said...

My son got accepted into a gifted program too, but I have some reservations. We'll try it out and quit it if it's not benefitting him.

Life on the Edge said...

I won't get started on schools in the Spokane area...not what I'm used to where we came from. It's very disappointing here.

my other disappointment here is the price of wine. Living in California, there was a lot of incredibly awesome wine for well under $10!!!

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Yes, we are disappointed with the Spokane schools so far. The math curriculum, especially, puts my teeth on edge. But we've only been here for a year, and we've decided to give it another try. I'd hate to put him in private school, ripping him away from his friends yet again. So, we are going to try really hard to work with his teacher(s) and see how it goes.