Friday, September 7, 2007

The joy of orthodontics

Ross was fitted with a "dental appliance" yesterday. It's kind of like a retainer. It has a spring that is pushing on the back of one of his top front teeth. The tooth will move so that it sits in front of his bottom teeth, instead of in back of them (he has a "crossbite"). The spring is mounted on a set of wires that are essentially glued onto 2 of his back molars.

The dentist says it should only be on him 2 or 3 weeks, but it can't come off too soon for Ross. He was in some pain this morning, and in tears. I gave him tylenol, assured him that he'd get used to it soon, and that it wasn't going to hurt for 2 weeks. I briefly thought about letting him stay home, but I thought better of it. He needs to see that life will go on. (Chris said it'll do him some good to have to deal with some adversity!)

I drove him to school, and he thought the tylenol had kicked in by then. I assured him I'll stop by at lunchtime, with more tylenol if he needs it. I told him that he'll be so busy in school that he won't even think about it, and he seemed fine when I left.

I think he'll live!


Jojo said...

Poor kid! I'm dreading the expense of braces in our future but almost certain that our kids will need them, since hubby and I both did.

But to make yourself feel better about your son's dental woes, read Barbara Robinette Moss's Change Me Into Zeus's Daughter, a wonderful memoir about a girl who grew up with terribly misaligned teeth, desperately poor and malnourished... Hm, that sounds depressing, but it's actually a really entertaining book.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Ooh, I love memoirs -- thanks for the recommendation.