Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pictures from Manito Park

As I mentioned yesterday, I went on an sketching expedition to Manito Park. Actually, I spent more time taking pictures than I spent drawing, but what a good excuse to show you some of the things I love about the place!

First I'll show you Duncan Gardens, the formal annual beds. I usually enter the park from this side. It is the place to get outdoor wedding photos.

Next, I wandered to the perennial garden. The mountain bluets had a visitor.

The rose garden is still looking good. The staff will be cutting it back for winter very soon. I'm not a big fan of hybrid tea roses (too fussy for me), but this one is just gorgeous.

I almost always visit all of the flower gardens before I head to my absolute favorite place in Manito Park, the Japanese garden. Yesterday, the staff was doing some maintenance, but I pretty much had it to myself. This is the lantern I chose to sketch:

My sketch is kinda goofy, but I don't mind. Hey, not everything you try is going to come out perfect. I try, I fail, I try something else.

You've probably heard it a million times, but art really is about the journey! It's been a big step for me to try drawing, and another big one to show it to people. It's valuable to share the process with others. I don't gloss over my difficulties, because I hope to encourage others to try new things, to be less afraid to fail.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful gardens! No wonder you love that park. I think your drawing looks great. That is a pretty complex structure that you are trying to capture and you did a great job.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Thanks, Cathy!