Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ross improves his time

Ross ran 15 seconds faster this week in his cross country meet. He was last, but hey, improvement is improvement! I wanted to show you his unique stance at the start:

And here he is approaching the finish:

He says he's going to start practicing more (team practice is only once a week). We'll see....

Today we went and dropped $$ at Fred Meyer. We all needed pants, Chris and I needed new pillows, and we found some Halloween stuff. It amazes me how fast we can spend money. Then again, we don't shop a lot, so when we do, we need to pick up a few things. Ross usually starts complaining that he wants to go home way before we're done, but he's a good sport, especially if one parent can entertain him a bit while the other shops.

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Anonymous said...

Tell Ross not to get discouraged. Hey, it doesn't matter if he's first or last with XC. It's all about how you are doing against your PB (personal best). that's why it's such a great sport.

Love Auntie Cathy