Thursday, September 6, 2007

Second interview coming up! and a photo of my babies

I was just about to blog this morning when I got a phone call from my contact at the MAC. She told me that I am tied with one other candidate for the job! So, there will be a second, more informal interview, when I will meet the person I'd be sharing the job with. It'll be next Wednesday.

I'm so excited, I'm kind of reeling! I knew the interview had gone well, but I'm surprised at how fast they got back to me. This will probably come down to the intangibles, such as the chemistry between people, how well I'd fit in, etc. What a great opportunity. I've been really curious about the "job-sharer," so at last I'll get to meet the person. Woo hoo! (Did I mention that I'm really excited?!!)

Ross has to introduce himself by giving a little presentation in front of the class. His teacher sent home a lunch bag, on which he had to draw his favorite place (Aunt Cathy's Camp Chicken, of course). He then had to come up with 6-8 items to put in the bag that would represent parts of his life that he wanted to talk about. He's included one of his favorite books, a tiny meteorite we bought in Albuquerque, his Cub Scout kerchief, a tuning fork, his "squished penny" collection, and this photo of himself and Chaplin, which we took yesterday afternoon:

So here they are, my baby boy and my first "baby," Chaplin. As you can see, Chaplin wasn't thrilled about staying still for the camera -- he headed for a cozy spot under the shrubs as soon as Ross let him go.

Chaplin has been in good spirits. He loves to spend the afternoons napping in the back yard, and he usually has one or two short bursts of playtime every day. He has lost a lot of weight, but he is eating and drinking well, and he gets lots of treats. He's become a bit unsteady when jumping up, so we've tried to make things easier to reach (his litter box is on the first floor now, and he has a step stool to help him get into our bed).

We're having a professional family portrait done here at the house on Saturday. It was Chris's idea -- a good one, I think. We haven't had a portrait done since Ross was a baby, and it will be nice to have a photo of all of us together. Chaplin will always be part of the family.


Anonymous said...

Great photo of Ross and Chappie!

Plain Jane said...

Congrats on the new job! It sounds great, and job sharing is a good thing. I'm sure you were charming in the interview, but it was probably the necklace that was the clincher!