Saturday, September 15, 2007


My Wednesday job interview was a little odd. I got to meet the person I'll be sharing the job with, as well as other members of the team. It was pretty informal, and I got asked a lot of off-the-cuff questions. I really didn't get a sense of how it went -- I felt that I didn't get to answer all of the questions completely, so that kind of bothers me. Thursday morning, they called to ask me for my references (they'd forgotten to ask on Wednesday), and my contact person said I should hear from them by early next week.

I did the best I could. I am not sitting around worrying about it. What will be, will be! Plus, I am just too darn busy to dwell on it.


Ross is still having problems finishing his schoolwork in a timely manner. For whatever reasons, he is easily distracted, and Chris and I feel that we need to work with him now, or the problems will only grow worse. He doesn't have ADHD, but he needs help learning how to focus better. So, I bought 2 books this week: 10 Days to a Less Distracted Child by Jeffrey Bernstein, and Meeting the Challenge: Using Love and Logic to help children develop attention and behavior skills by Fay, Cline, and Sornson. I've started reading both of them. I can't say that I think either of them is "the answer," but I do think they will be a good starting point. We're fresh out of ideas, so these will give us some new options.

Bernstein writes that lots of gifted kids have this issue. It makes sense. They can find it hard to filter out the "important" information, when much of their world can be so fascinating to them. In addition, the average classroom does not engage them much of the time. They learn concepts quickly, and then they must sit through repetitive materials even though they are ready to move on. In Ross's case, he does enjoy the social aspects of school, so that helps keep him interested. But we see trouble coming down the road if he doesn't learn better strategies now.


Bought some beads Friday -- the store had a 15% off sale. I needed some seed beads to finish my fabric charms (a swap at ArtFiberFest), plus I found some funky wooden ring beads, and I splurged on some African beads (blue whitehearts and some green and white striped ones). Frankly, this bead store is too expensive, but with a discount, it becomes more manageable. I have ideas for those wooden rings. . . .

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