Monday, October 22, 2007

Back from ArtFiberFest

WOW! AFF was amazing! I don't know where to begin... I'm sure it's gonna take more than one post to cover it all.

Why don't I start with this photo, one of my favorites. I was painting backgrounds in Lisa Englebrect's class and noticed that I'd smeared some pretty stuff on my hands. Sort of symbolizes what AFF is about -- getting to dig in and create!

My first class was Alma Stoller's Fabric Oddities. She taught us a lot of cool little goodies -- she has so many ideas popping from her brain! I had last-minute sewing machine troubles, but Alma graciously let me use (and abuse) her Bernina to do the free motion embroidery for the chunky beads.

These are beads that my table mate, Carol, and I created. The chunky beads have the caps on the ends, and the eye candy beads are "slinky" fabrics that are simply wrapped and then dolled up. My eye candy bead is the super-long blue one, and my chunky bead is at lower left.

Alma showed us a lot of other stuff, but most people went to town with the beads. Here are Tracie Lampe's beads (what a fast worker she is!):

Don't you love the mushroom?

After class, I went out to the bead store and made sure I bought earring findings (among many other goodies!) so that I could make earrings that night. (I'd forgotten to pack some earrings, and I wasn't about to go "naked" at AFF!)

Somebody (I wish I'd written down who!) made a spectacular chunky bead after class, and displayed it at show-and-tell Saturday night:

I'm pretty sure the caps on the tassels are felted wool. And notice the yo-yos! Now that's taking the ball and running with it!

Well, I'll post more later. Gotta go return the rental car now....

P.S. Ross came down with the chickenpox last night. He's feeling fine, except for being itchy. The rash isn't very large or widespread. He had the vaccine, so I assume this'll be a mild case. At least he had the good sense to wait until I came home!


Cathy Smith said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Those beads are really neat. Sorry to hear that Ross has the chicken pox. I remember when Cindy had them, oh my gosh, it was awful. There wasn't a vaccine then so when you got them it was bad.

Alma Stoller said...

Hi Judy,

I am so happy to have met you. I am glad you enjoyed the class. I hope your son is feeling better now. I remember the chicken pox, kids both had it at the same time......not fun....not fun at all.
All I can say is that both kids were covered in Calamine lotion. Thank goodness for that pink stuff.


Carol said...

Hi Judy! This is your tablemate in Alma's class. I have already been to Joann's and purchased new "slinky" fabric for more eye candy beads. And of course have added to my seed bead collection for the embellishing. Hope you had a good trip back home, and thanks for posting pics! Carol

Chris Schutz said...

Hi Judy,
I can't seem to get enough AFF and here it is a week later. What a wonderful time we had. Thanks for posting about it. I made the large bead you have pictured with your kind words.

The tassel ends were done in ribbon & black yarn, then tied off with that yarn. They were then strung through caps made of trimmed silk cacoons dotted with a galaxy pen. The tassel strings were then felted to a felt disk and that was sewed to the bead. The yo-yo's were vintage pieces I've been packing around forever waiting for the right project. Hope that makes sense.

Happy Creating!
Chris in WA
Having trouble with blogger, hope this doesn't show up a number of times.

Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Thanks for peeking, Carol and Chris! And thanks to Chris for explaining her process -- now I have an excuse to buy some of those lovely silk cocoons!