Saturday, October 13, 2007

Countdown to ArtFiberFest

Well, I've been running around, trying to stay sane while I get ready to leave for ArtFiberFest. I've been pretty snarly and/or panicked at points . . . how the hell did I think I was going to just drop everything and take off for 5 days?!? I have to laugh at myself, it's typical me. I'm a fairly organized person, but I often bite off **way** more than I can chew.

I am going to get out of here by the skin of my teeth. What needs to get done, will get done, and the rest will have to drop by the wayside. I am *so* looking forward to jumping in the rental car and starting the great trek across the state. And there will be classes and messes and laughter and moments of recognition and discovery. . . . I have to take deep breaths, keep laughing at myself, and know that it's all going to be just fine.


Lisa Gallup said...

Have a WONDERFUL time! Post pics when you get back, so I can live vicariously through you! :)

Cathy Smith said...

Hope you have a wonderful time!