Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween party

The Crowleys threw a Halloween party on Saturday, and they braved quite the assortment of kids, friends, neighbors, college students and other Gonzaga types in their house for a night of fun.

Here's our hostess, Patricia, the kitchen witch.

Our host Jason (aka The Edge from U2) was the designated photographer.

Leo (a little banged up from an accident on the stairs) is about to turn two!

Here are some of the older boys at the party (JD 2nd from left, Ross -- a ninja -- 3rd from left).

Here are Matt and Nick (Edward Scissorhands and a shrub).

Chris and I did the Star Trek/alien thing. Don't you love the dreadful polyester jumpsuit that I found at the thrift store? Chris reuses his master's degree hood and gown every year.

One of the students asked Chris to bring some dry ice, and he gladly obliged. We've played with dry ice at a couple different events now, and I have to admit that it's great fun. (Disclaimers: Yes, we know this is a terrible thing to do, environmentally speaking. We also know that these aren't all safe uses of the product -- don't try this and then blame us for any bad consequences.) First we put it in the punchbowl, for that wonderful fog-and-bubble effect.

Patricia had come up with the idea of making an ice cream brain for the punchbowl. Looks pretty cool!

Let's face it -- dry ice just cries out to be used in more, shall we say, explosive ways? We eventually ended up outside in the cold night, pouring hot water and dry ice into plastic soda bottles, and setting them out on the street (away from cars, people, etc.) to explode.

Here's the remains of one bottle.

Jason brought out a (slightly) rotting pumpkin, and they tried to explode it with a soda bottle inside. It took a few tries before the guys got it to split open. Here it is with hot water and dry ice inside. (Best photo I took all night.)

Here it is, when they finally exploded it.

And here's the mess that had to get cleaned up when the dry ice fun was finished....

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