Tuesday, October 23, 2007

More ArtFiberFest

(But first, a scenic break -- sunset from our front yard, last night.)

I'm trying to get as many photos up as fast as I can....

Lisa Englebrecht's "Calligraphic Cavalcade" class was definitely a stretch for me. Lots of you know that I have terrible handwriting -- "chicken scratching" most of the time. But I do love letters and typography, and learning how to mess around with calligraphy on fabric sounded too good to pass up. Lisa gave us tons and tons of information and things to try. I appreciated her supportive and nurturing attitude in the classroom.

She had us make sample books from what we did that day. Here's mine.

And here's another student's book (I wish I remember who!) --

I also wanted to show what Teesha Moore (one of the organizers of AFF) taught the whole group of us on opening night (Wednesday). She provided supplies and taught us a simple whip-stitch binding technique that she learned from Susan (Lucky) Shie. I finished mine today. It'll be a sample for my art quilt class at Corbin Art Center, which I start teaching tonight.

Most of the embellishments were leftovers from Lisa's classes, which she graciously sent home with me because she didn't want to ship them home. I think all those flowers were scrap-booking supplies.


Pam said...

Hey there, Judy. That's my book. It's a thrill to have you post it on your blog.
I'm still flying high from AFF and really rethinking the trip to Japan if it conflicts with AFF next year.
Couldn't find the Embeadery book you recommended but found one called, Bead Embroidery by Yukiko Ogura. Also found a cool book called, Creative Embellishments, by Sherrill Kahn.
Have to finish up the AFF projects before I start anything new.
Take care. Loved meeting you.


Judy Merrill-Smith said...

Oh my goodness, Pam, I should have known it was yours! You did such great work.