Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Spider cake

One last thing before I go ... our Cub Scout pack has a cake auction tomorrow night. I didn't have time to make a cake, but I picked up a frosted sheet cake at Albertson's, and Ross and I just finished putting gumdrop spiders on it. (Got the idea from one of those little Pillsbury Halloween cookbooks.) I hope he doesn't get sick on all the candy leftovers he just devoured.


Jojo said...

That is so cute! Er... I mean SCARY! :)

bradley said...

Wow, I turn my back on you for a couple minutes, and you become a blogging maniac. Hope you had a good time getting more fiber (yes, I'm an idiot).

Plain Jane said...

Smart you! using a store bought cake and dressing it up. Very cute.
Can't wait to hear ALL about FiberFest!!!

Life on the Edge said...

Great cake! I love it! I will post the picture of our great creation later this week. My youngest and I have been plotting and planning this one for a month!

p.s. Do you homeschool your son? I can't remember. I'm getting close to doing that for my 6th grade daughter. I'm tired of her being one of 120 students that each teacher has to keep up with and noone bothers to figure her out!! Let me know if you know anyone who does homeschool a 6th grader.