Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Still more AFF

I'm finally getting to the end of the stuff to show you from ArtFiberFest.

Saturday, I took Kristen Steiner's "Write It On My Heart" class, a fabric book. By this time, I was pretty tired, and I didn't get a lot accomplished in class. I did get almost all of the pages cut out, and some of the inside elements made; I displayed the little scroll (left side of the photo, with the yarn wrapping) at show-and-tell Saturday night.

It was great fun to see what fabrics my classmates were using, and to chat about our experiences with nurturing our creativity. Kristen is a very sweet teacher. I was thrilled to get to see some of her work in person, especially the collaged watercolor paint box that was featured in Cloth Paper Scissors a while back.

AFF wasn't all classes. I made sure that I took time to explore the state park and the downtown area. Some of the best moments were out alone, in nature. Simply walking the beach in the afternoon sun and wind was therapeutic. I made time to sketch in my journal a couple of times. I hesitated to put these out at show-and-tell, but I felt they were an integral part of my experience, and I wanted to share them with others. I have no regrets -- folks were very kind.

The first drawing is the oldest building at the state park, known as The Castle. It was built on a spectacular overlook of Puget Sound by an Englishman for his bride-to-be. When he went back for her, she had married another.

After class on Saturday, I was going to hike some of the inland portion of the park. But as I was driving over there, I spotted a mule deer headed for an apple tree. I parked and grabbed the sketchbook to draw her as I sat in the car. Not that she would have gone anywhere -- people and cars were going right past her, and she couldn't have cared less.


In my art quilt class last night, I started making one of Teesha Moore's quilt squares.

I'm liking those minty greens. I think I've been influenced by the wonderful vintage fabrics at "Edge to Edge," an amazing store in downtown Port Townsend. I came home with some scrap bags of barkcloth to play with -- who can pass up such luscious goodies?

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