Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Art Deco, anyone?

On Sunday I went to see the restored Fox Theater in downtown Spokane. This theater was once the home of the Spokane Symphony, but it had been converted to a triplex movie house in the seventies, and was not far from the wrecking ball in the nineties. Fortunately, some folks at the symphony and throughout the city had the good sense to save it, and the symphony has returned.

The restoration has been proceeding slowly, but now it is almost complete, and well worth the wait. The theater is a jaw-dropping example of an Art Deco palace. I forgot to bring my camera when I visited (argh!), but I did find a decent slideshow here. You really need to get a taste of what a sumptuous, opulent place this is. I can imagine what it was like in the thirties -- all those flapper girls with their bobbed hair, and the dashing young men....

Of course I came home and had to play with the Art Deco imagery. The lobby was painted in blues and greens and had something of water theme. Here's a collage I made for my journal. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo -- I really need a scanner!


It's been quite cold and frosty the past couple of mornings. I love to look at the frost on the plants -- so delicate.


Alma Stoller said...

Hi Judy,

Your nature pictures are great.
And so is your collage.


Plain Jane said...

beautiful pics of the frost...A rare sight in San Diego..