Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Five really good things

I've been inspired to list 5 really good things. Right now. (See Liz's original post here.)
  1. I am drinking a yummy glass of Red Diamond shiraz. Local stuff, pretty darn good, and I nabbed it on sale.
  2. This blogging thing has been way bigger and better than I thought it could be. Thanks to all of you who write blogs, and thanks to all of you who read my blog.
  3. One of my art quilting students offered to bring me a bunch of 1960s and '70s fabrics that she acquired from an estate and doesn't know what to do with it. She mentioned mushrooms and burlap-like fabric, and I'm tripping down memory lane. I can hardly wait to see it!
  4. My husband, and my son. I'm crazy about both of them.
  5. My friend Debbie, who is so supportive, patient and generous. I wish we still lived within a mile of each other, but distance can't defeat wonderful friendship.
Okay, folks, what are your 5 really good things, right in this moment?!?


Suzette LaFleur said...

hey Judy - I'm not surprised that the blog is way up there on your list of fun things. I never imagined you as a textile artist when we grew up - I always thought you'd be a writer :o)
I enjoy reading about the fun you are having. Maybe when I have a free 3 seconds I'll try it out too. Hope you all are doing well-

Pam said...

Judy, interesting to get a peek into what is special in your life right now. I accepted your challenge.