Friday, November 9, 2007

My creative mess

Alma posted pics of her studio messes, and challenged others to do the same. Well, most people who know me understand that I am a horrible packrat and not much of a housekeeper. I will also add, in my defense, that Chris and I were very exhausted by the time we arrived in Spokane in the summer of 2006, and the basement became the defacto dumping ground as we settled into the house. So, yes, I know this mess has to get cleaned up! In fact, I've deliberately cut back my teaching schedule this winter, in order to do exactly that. (My apologies, Mom, if this is too much to bear!)

Without further ado, a tour of my creative mess.

As you walk into the house, you will see the piles of stuff that are out for the art quilting class that I'm teaching right now, plus some current projects. (This will get cleaned up next week, once the class is over.)

Most of my actual working time is spent on the dining room table. I have a small table in the corner that holds current projects, journals, collage supplies, markers and pens, and the like. Chris and I have talked about installing a hutch and/or shelves to organize this area. I keep hoping that I'll stop using the dining room table, but that day will probably never come.

My work area is supposed to be the breakfast nook at the end of the kitchen. But it is buried under an avalanche of fabric, yarn, books, found objects, beads, etc.

I've got a bunch of stuff under the tables, including the sewing machine, which gets hauled to the dining room table when I'm ready to use it.

The worst horror is the basement, which is best described by the phrase, "it looks as if a bomb went off in it."

Most of my stuff (fabric, yarns, found objects, beads, ephemera) are stored in large plastic bins, and most of those are in the hallway between the office and the bathroom. You can see that I have 3 cabinets now, and I'll be putting most of the fabric in them. But I'm waiting till art quilting class is over, so that I am not constantly pulling out fabric to use while I'm trying to get organized.

The office is the hell-hole. Moving boxes are everywhere. I know where most of my stuff is, and at least I try to return it to the same box where I found it. Ross' art supplies are also scattered around in here.

The good news is that there are some built-in cabinets in this room, and they aren't entirely full yet. I'm hoping that most of the stuff living in the boxes will eventually fit in the cabinets.

The other piece of good news is that I've come to the conclusion that I need to packrat less, and share my bounty more. Some of my thrift store finds may be looking for new homes when spring comes....


Alma Stoller said...


Judy, you have a lot of wonderful stuff.
I LOVE your fabrics. I can imagine what your bead lot looks like.
If you have the space, a hutch would be great.
You are so lucky you atleast have a basement and an office and such. I just have a room.
Is it possible to convert one of the rooms into a studio....or mini studio?
That would be so great for you.
Thanks for sharing your creative space....


Pam said...

thanks for sharing. I've recently reorganized my stuff, but I can't find a thing even tho all the drawers are labeled. lol

SpokaneMama said...

Wow Judy...must be something in the air up here! I just spent my entire day cleaning up the basement--again! It is also our dumping ground. And we also have things still in moving boxes! We moved here a year before you.

I just told my husband that I was going to not sub next week so I can work on getting the clutter OUT! That includes the clothes I hang onto because....well who knows why. If I wear it, I'll probably be on one of those crazy What Not To Wear shows! LOL!

Jo Anne Owens said...

Hi Judy! I too have decided I have WAY too much stuff and have begun to divide all my fabrics with my best friend who also creates with fabrics! The only problem is that she is also sharing hers with me! LOL I have decided that I need a whole wall or two of built in hutches/cabinets, etc to house all of my stuff as the odd pieces of furnature is getting to me!

Sorry to blather is just nice to trip over (hehehe pun intended) a fellow "gatherer!"

Barbara H. said...

Thanks for this post. I am sending the link to my husband, so he will know that I am not the only one with creative stuff everywhere!

Allison Ann Aller said...

Well, you have a recent move as your excuse.
I think Alma has some good suggestions, though.

You must have a lot of fun with all these goodies!