Saturday, December 29, 2007

Christmas day

We had a quiet, laid-back Christmas. Ross very kindly let us sleep in until 9 am!! I mixed a batch of muffins and made coffee, Chris started a fire in the fireplace, and Ross opened his stocking and picked out the largest package to open first. It was the RoboQuad, just as he had hoped.

Ross and Chris couldn't wait to play the plug 'n play Star Wars video game. (Ross' red sweater was knit by his grandmother.)

Ross gave us a wonderful snowman that he made at school. It's a glass jar (mayonnaise?), painted white, and decorated with markers. It has a felt-and-pipe-cleaner hat, and a small set of white Christmas lights inside (the plug comes out of the jar through the back of the hat). Ross also made the snowman on the left in the photo. It's also a glass jar (baby food), decorated with tissue paper instead of paint. It was one of the projects I taught last week.

As the gift unwrapping ended, Ross settled down with a book. He loves this series, but hasn't been able to get all the books from the library. Now he has his own set.

Chris indulged my shutterbug-ness by giving me a small portable tripod, and Photoshop -- something I've been longing for! What a great husband.

Here's one mom who always makes Boxing Day her day off:

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Plain Jane said...

Happy New Year! Love your little boy's hand knit sweater, and what a good boy to curl up on the sofa with a book!