Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Global Oneness Project

One of the touchstones of my life is that we are all connected -- all life is interconnected. As the Buddhists say, separation is an illusion -- an illusion that brings much suffering to the world. I work to make that consciousness part of my every day, my every breath.

Today I learned of the Global Oneness Project -- I quote from their website: "The Global Oneness Project, a special project of Kalliopeia Foundation, was created to discover and document the diverse ways in which the emerging consciousness of oneness is impacting people's lives." These folks are interviewing people all over the world, and they make their videos available on their website. I've only just started to watch the interviews, but I am finding them very moving and inspiring.

As a fabric junkie, I would especially like to point you to the video about Anshu Gupta and his organization, Goonj, in New Delhi. They put all unwanted cloth to work. If clothing needs some repair, they repair it. If the clothing cannot be repaired, they cut it up and make it into something new -- everything from school bags to rugs woven with the smallest scraps. This is reuse and recycling at its best. I highly recommend that you check it out!

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beadexplorer said...

Hi Judy! Thank you so much for your comment regarding my beaded handbag.
I have been feeling that everything is interconnected since my childhood. I think that is the only thing I somehow believe in although I don't know why. Other than that I am a down-to-earth person ...
I will surley come back to your blog, it seems that we have some things in common. Thanks for finding me! :)