Saturday, December 29, 2007

We went sledding!

I have finally managed to get my butt back on a sled! Here's the proof, courtesy of Ross and my camera:

Ross and I went to Manito Park to sled. We were safety conscious, picking gentle, fairly tree-less routes. We also roamed near the perennial gardens, and Ross tromped through the brush.

It was great to be outside, no to-do list breathing down my neck. And, I admit it -- I'm delighted that Ross likes to eat snow as much as I do!


Alma Stoller said...

What fun! lucky looks like NYC will not see snow in 2007.

Have a great New Year.


auntie said...

Congratulations, Judy. I knew you would get back onto the sleds. Your mother's blood flows through your veins. I bet she wishes you were closer so you could go with her on the big hill. She goes every day.

Love ya,