Monday, January 21, 2008

Derby results

Saturday was the 2008 Pinewood Derby for Pack 344.

Chris helped race the cars. Each car is raced three times, once on each slot on the track. The top 15 cars move on to semifinal heats, and then the top three race in another round. Plus, the open class cars (made by siblings and parents) all race as well. When you have 38 Cub Scout cars, plus approximately a dozen open class cars, it makes for a long race day.

Ross' car ran well. He was 6th in the first round, and then 5th after the semifinals. Not good enough for a trophy, but a mighty fine showing.

Ross was very excited in the first round.

Here's Chris' car (boat) at the starting line. He took off the seats for better aerodynamics.

Here's my car at the finish line.

I came in second in the open adult class, and Chris came in third (out of 5 total). I was amazed! One of my wheels was periodically rubbing on the fender, but I guess it behaved itself in the races. Chris and I both won large chocolate bars. My car also got an honorable mention ribbon for design. "Bling Thing" certainly attracted a lot of attention -- it was the shiniest thing on the track.


Cathy Smith said...

Good going guys. I just love your cars. Ross's is so original and sleek and reflects his artistic side. Chris's is definately cool and a pretty neat bass boat, although it reminds me of a duck boat Dad used to have. And yours is so YOU, with the rhinestones and sparkle and is just plain cool. Great job guys.

The Lone Beader said...

The kids look like they had fun!

I think I should make a beaded derby car, and enter it! LOL