Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Random tales, lots of photos

We had a beer-brewing party at the Crowleys' house this weekend. Patricia wanted to try out my camera, and she took some fun shots. Here's Jason:


Chris and I:

And our guest photographer, Patricia:


I've been walking more. By January, I realize that winter is going to get tiresome very fast unless I spend some time outside. This weekend, I was walking in the Manito Park rose garden and discovered that someone had left a single red rose on the sundial. I thought that was rather romantic -- time fleeting, the delicate beauty of a rose, everlasting love . . .

Today the rose was snow-covered. I gently pulled it up and discovered that it was still quite red.

I was feeling low as I walked, and found myself searching for something, anything that would cheer me up a bit. Then I noticed the moss on the stone wall, and the snow clinging to the small rocky ledges. Life and beauty linger on.


SpokaneMama said...

I LOVE that mossy spot in manito. It is one of the few things here that reminds me of our home in Eureka, where we moved from 2 1/2 years ago.

Alma Stoller said...

Hi Judy,

That is a really loving picture of you and your husband. So sweet.
Lucky you....you've had snow.
So far this winter, we've had it for about 20 minutes...then it melted.
no sledding, no snowball fights, to icicles,
but lots of ice skating in the rink.


Cathy Smith said...

Great photos! You look like you were all having a lot of fun. BTW, what kind of camera do you have? It takes the most wonderful photos.