Saturday, February 2, 2008

Snow week

Part of me feels as if I have spent this whole week shoveling snow.

I have done plenty of shoveling, yes. I shoveled to keep our driveway and walkway clear, even though we did not leave the house much. Ross had no school all week; the roads were impassable for school buses. Chris took a taxi home from the airport late Monday night, and the driver had to let him off a block away because he would have gotten stuck in the snowy mess of humps and ruts. If you didn't have a tall four-wheel drive vehicle, you risked getting seriously stuck on any residential street in Spokane. The city isn't equipped to handle serious snow.

Monday morning was dazzlingly sunny, gorgeous blue sky and blinding snow. I paused to enjoy the view from our front yard.

On Tuesday, Chris and I decided to shovel the roof. Our house is a 1957 ranch with a fairly flat roof. Two feet of heavy snow was already up there, and it was snowing again. News reports of roof cave-ins spurred us on. We spent most of the day up there.

It wasn't all work. Kids were building all kinds of forts and igloos. Ross and Christopher used one of the piles of snow from our roof to build a nice fort.

Toward the end of Tuesday, the sky cleared for a nice sunset. Some of our neighbors were up on their roofs, too.


Cotton Picker said...

Judy, you've posted some really nice photos here. Looks like you folks got hit hard. Toronto just had a big snow storm. I live an hour north east of TO and we were fortunate enough to have missed the worst of it.

The Lone Beader said...

Awwww... It's fun to play in the snow... :D

Cathy Smith said...

Gosh it looks like "Buried Alive in '95" when we got 63 inches of snow in three days. I think Chris still has my video of the "Big One". We had our own big one last Wednesday with blizzard conditions and winds of 50 mph and 80 mph gusts. LSSU closed and since R was sick I spent the day shoveling and snowblowing the massive amounts of snow the plows left. It had been 40 degrees the day before and then the temps plummeted into below zero. What a mess!!!

Plain Jane said...

whoa!! Serious snow and ice!! I especially love the photo of the red berries in ice. Stay warm!