Monday, February 18, 2008


The hawthorn tree in our front yard sustained a lot of damage from our big snowstorm. We lost a big limb high up on that Sunday, and then, on that Tuesday as we were shoveling the roof, about one third of the tree cracked off at the trunk.

I don't know if it'll survive. We'll have an arborist look at and give us a prognosis. In the meantime, though, we have quite a mess.

We had to wait for enough snow to melt before we could tackle the job. Saturday, Chris rented a chainsaw, and we began the clean-up.

Ross and I hauled the larger logs to the back yard. We can let them dry and eventually burn them in the fireplace. The smaller branches got broken up and stuffed into our green waste cart. The city won't start picking up green waste until March, so we'll still have a lot of branches on the ground for a while. We won't be the only ones in the neighborhood: I've noticed a lot of downed branches in yards and parks.

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Cathy Smith said...

Wow, your poor trees! Hawthornes are so fragile in alot of ways. I know the nice one at camp was damaged that way by heavy wet snow in the storm that collapsed the metal storage building a few years ago. We had to cut off the damaged branches and it hasn't been the same since.