Friday, March 21, 2008

Grateful, in this moment

My gratitude list, at this very moment:
  • Big, wet flakes of snow are falling this morning. I admit, I was initially horrified. But then I started to giggle, and I have been giggling about this beautiful absurdity every time I look out the window.
  • I am grateful for Craigslist. I've been shopping for a hutch or armoire to store art supplies, and while I haven't found the right piece yet, it's been great to read the ads, look at the pictures, and talk with sellers. It feels more human, you know? And, I can save gas and stay out of the weather.
  • I am so grateful for people who put themselves out there with honesty, openness, enthusiasm, and even tenderness. I am blessed with some wonderful friends who aren't afraid to show the world who they are. Then there are the bloggers, including Liz Elayne, Yolanda, Karen Maezen Miller, Anita, and Nina. (Bonus: if you're looking for Easter recipes, check out the comments on this post of Nina's.) Also, so many of the folks on Flickr, who are happy to share what they've done and how they've done it, and love to spread their enthusiasm for photography.
  • I am grateful for play! I get so fired up when I let myself play. Joy is here, in every moment, and play helps us to remember that.
  • I am grateful for the arrival of spring. (Even if it is snowing right now!)


GreenishLady said...

I like that list. And I'm grateful for the strange world of blogging - I'm often not sure how I found my way to a blog, but grateful, as I feel now, to have found a new blogging friend. Enjoy the snow, the giggles, the play!

The Lone Beader said...

I am grateful for the world of blogging, too. Have a happy Easter weekend! :D

nonizamboni said...

An inspiring and honest list that made me smile too. I'm so ready for spring but alas, Minnesota has a few more inches of snow today.
Your crocus photos are gorgeous!

Happy Easter.