Friday, March 28, 2008

Peace sign contest

Art activity!

Sign making

Every year, my church has a bunch of lawn signs printed up, and folks decorate them and put them up on the church lawn. This year, we decided to have a peace sign decorating contest. The winners will be determined by which signs get the most votes. (One dollar = one vote -- half of the money will help pay for the sign printing, and the other half will go to Seeds of Compassion, a Seattle event that will promote education in compassion for children and families.)

The "Inner Peace" side of the sign is painted, collaged with magazine and catalog images, and has a beaded & quilted heart in the center. (Gotta have some beads!)

(Click on the image for a larger view. I had to make the sign photos small to fit on the blog page.)

Inner Peace Sign

Beaded heart (close up)

The "World Peace" side is covered with a rainbow of alcohol inks; more white hearts surround the words.

World Peace Sign

Peace sign hearts (close-up #2)

I was going to collage on this side, but the alcohol inks are so bright and funky (groovy!) that I needed to do something more subtle -- hence, the white hearts. I added the one heart to the "inner peace" side to tie it all together.


Cathy Smith said...

Love the Sign. It is very cool. Sorry I haven't visited lately. Been wrestling with a really bad tooth. Had to finally have an emergency root canal last Wednesday and have been in a great deal of pain.

Much love to you and Ross

nonizamboni said...

Oh those hearts touched my heart. Hope your visit to Seattle will be fruitful and fun.