Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Say ahh

Weird self-portrait for the day:

Those blue things between my teeth are spacers -- essentially, small rubber bands or o-rings, crammed between my teeth to make space for the metal bands to come. I am getting partial braces. I have some very crooked teeth, but never opted for braces. But now I've got one back molar being worn away by my crossbite, so I've got to get it fixed or face losing the tooth. The orthodonist gave me the option of full braces as well, but let's just say that we need a down payment for a new car far more than I need all my teeth to be straight.

I am finally starting to get some energy back. I'm making signs for a peace gathering on Saturday, so I've been gessoing cardboard boxes and painting some backgrounds.

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Yolanda said...

I hope that your rally goes well as well as braces. I had them a child. Hope you are having a great week.