Monday, March 24, 2008

Scenes from my life

I've joined a Flickr group call "Life It Photos." It encourages us to take snapshots of where we are in our life, right now. I like the spontaneity of it, and I find myself paying more attention, looking more closely at what I see as I move through my day.

The flocks of birds are back, but it's so hard to get a photo! My camera makes too much noise when it starts up, and the birds fly away. Still, I was fast enough to catch a few in flight.

Birds fleeing bush

This morning, I noticed how lovely the orange juice looked in the sunlight, and so I had to take a picture! I just had to smile at how silly, and yet how fun, it was to take a photo while making breakfast. It feels good to notice that moment of beauty in my life.

breakfast juice


The Lone Beader said...

Nice photo of the little birds!

Lisa Gallup said...

I'm in the Life It Photos group, too, and I really enjoy it. You're right - it has definitley made me slow down and be more aware of my day. :)

Cotton Picker said...

Oh, I love the bird photo.