Friday, April 25, 2008

Now my son is nine

On your ninth birthday:
tearing into a wrapped present with gusto,
happily discovering what you had hoped would be there,
and busily building a Lego monster before breakfast.

After school, the sheer joy of being freed
from your homework for one day;
the bliss of cookies and donut and cake
without limit.

The cold and drizzle at your track meet
did not diminish your joy at hurtling yourself
into the long jump pit. Running hard,
pulling at your soggy pants drooping
from your waist.

Happily sharing some of your ham and cheese
sandwich with your cat.
Your widening eyes and grin when
you heard you'd be choosing your own
new bicycle.

Droopy eyes, pulling on pajamas,
snuggling into bed. I relish your
sleepy smile, and seal my goodnight kiss
with all the happiness that I wish for you.


GreenishLady said...

That's so lovely. He had a wonderful day, and you've captured beautiful memories. Happy birthday to the boy!

Lisa Gallup said...

Sweet! :) Happy, happy day to your son!

Cathy Smith said...

Sounds like my nephew had a great birthday! Good for him for trying the long jump, even in the rain.

Ross, I hope all your birthdays will be as wonderful as your ninth!!

Much Love,
Auntie Cathy

nonizamboni said...

Lovely poem, so nicely written. What a wonderful day!