Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Two forms of beauty

I've not posted much this month. Busy, busy, preparing for and teaching a class, trying to catch up on housework, and doing those dreaded taxes. By the way, I am officially resigning my position as family tax filer. I will happily gather the paperwork and hand it off to someone else, forever more.

I wanted to show you the silk that Chris brought me from China. The first one is a handwoven brocade that Chris bought at a silk museum in Shanghai. The color is more burgundy than the photo shows.

Chris also went to "Silk King," a chain of silk stores, where you can order custom silk clothes as well as buy silk by the meter. The print with the white background was relatively inexpensive, and Chris thought I could cut it apart for the various motifs. It has a silver thread running through it, but it doesn't show up well in the photo.

I am most in love with the blue background print. The photo doesn't really do it justice. The pink and orange flowers are so vibrant, and the silk is very fine. I'm thinking of making a scarf with some of it, just so that I can fondle it whenever I wear it.

I was picking up some nutshells, cast off by the squirrels, under our spruce tree the other day, when I discovered a tiny bird skull at the base of the tree. There were no other bones around, nor feathers. Just the skull.

Bird skull

I felt that momentary sadness, that wave that comes over me when the evidence of death is in front of me. It's a little shock. Yet, death is always here, isn't it? I spend so much of my time looking away. This time, I look more closely. What a beautiful little skull. How can a bird have a head so small? I wonder if it wasn't fully grown when it died.

I snapped a couple of pictures, but did not disturb it. The ants seemed to be cleaning it of the last morsels they could find. I did not want to move it, but to witness it.

Bird skull and spruce cone

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Lisa Gallup said...

The silk is GORGEOUS and the bird skull story is so touching. I'm glad you showed pics of it all.