Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Another crazy week, but I can at least stop and photograph the flowers

There's a vacant house lot a couple of blocks from our house. Once upon a time, it must have had a house, because there is a very small rhubarb patch, and a lovely clump of grape hyacinths growing in the grass. Walking Ross home from school, I tried to capture the light coming through the plants. He humored me while I snapped away.

(Click on the photos for a larger view in Flickr.)

Grape hyacinths through a fence

Grape hyacinths and a rusty wire fence


nonizamboni said...

The bittersweet history of these beauties! Thanks for sharing.
And thanks, Cheery One, for encouraging me in the wool rug making. . .I'll keep you posted.
I hope, too, that your mother's day was nice!

The Lone Beader said...

I always stop to photograph the flowers! :D

inkberryblue said...

Oh, they're lovely! I especially like the second one and the way you've framed the flowers with the wire.

inkberryblue said...

...and I've just realised you've done that with the first photo too. Oops! *blush* (I've had a crazy week too.)